Why end of lease cleaning should matter to landlords

Whether you are an experienced landlord that has been in the game for years and has managed to amass a portfolio spanning hundreds of properties or you are a first-time landlord, you must never lose sight of is the importance of having your property professionally cleaned at the start of the tenancy, as well as at the end of the lease. End of lease cleaning is especially crucial because it can make the difference between your property remaining unoccupied for months and attracting a new tenant straightaway. End of lease cleaning is also known as move out cleaning or end of tenancy cleaning.

Why the endof lease cleaning should matter to landlords

End of lease cleaning is vital because helps to prepare the property for the next occupant making it clean, safe and healthy for occupation. Landlords are usually advised to include an end of lease cleaning clause in the tenancy contract because it can help reduce the occurrence of disputes and complications at the end of a lease. If you do not know by now, one of the top causes of deposit disputes between tenants and landlords is endof lease cleaning.

To avoid disputes related to cleaning, a specific end of lease cleaning clause should be included in the contract. For instance, both the landlord and tenant can agree that the tenant shall arrange and after for the rental space to be cleaned by professional cleaners at the end of the tenancy period and evidence shall be provided as evidence of the work that has been completed.

In the event that a tenant should fail to comply with the agreement or to produce receipts as evidence, the expenses of the deep cleaning should be deducted from the tenant’s security deposit.

Why landlords should specify professionalend of lease cleaning on the contract

It is essential to specify that the end of lease cleaning London should only be done by a professional so that you can get the results that you want. If you fail to specify this stipulation in the tenant agreement, the tenant is likely to carry out the cleaning on their own as a way to save costs. The end result may be, therefore, unsatisfactory for your new tenants and your standards.

The advantage of working with professional end of lease cleaners is that these cleaners understand exactly what most landlords want and they have the right tools for the job to deliver.